Woven Wood Sliding Panels – A Great Alternative to Traditional Window Treatments

Whether you need something to cover your sliding glass doors, something to dress up your large windows, or even something to act as a room divider, woven wood sliding panels are the perfect choice.  With them, you can get the privacy you need – while also making your room look better.

You don’t have to just depend on furniture, paint, and artwork to show off your style.  You can use woven wood sliding panels to carry out the details in your wood furniture, to add a more exotic look, or even add a relaxing feel to your room.  If you want your room to seem a little more elegant, you can install a valence at the top of your panels.  They really are that versatile!

So, how do they work?

Woven wood sliding panels mount easily to brackets on either your wall or ceiling.  They slide on an aluminum track, so they are easy to move out of the way if you need to use your sliding glass door, need to get from one room or the other, or just want to let maximum sunlight in.

They are designed specifically for larger spaces, so no matter how big your door or window is, these panels can cover it.

Woven wood sliding panels are made out of bamboo, reed, or other grasses.  Depending on what material you choose, there are a variety of colors and textures for you to pick from.  All of these panels come in a variety of natural wood colors and earth tones.  If you really want to perk up a room, you can get panels in a few different colors for a truly exotic look!

Since they are woven together, these panels are not completely solid, so they will let some light shine through.  However, these panels also filer the light as it comes in, so you don’t have to deal with harsh glares or hot air sneaking in.

In fact, the tighter these materials are woven together, the more light that they block out.  But, if you want to totally block out all of the light, you can install a liner that will give you maximum coverage.

And since they’re made out of grass, woven wood sliding panels are eco-friendly.  Bamboo grows almost like a weed; it can thrive practically anywhere without pesticides.  And, it can completely sustain itself off of rain water, so you don’t have to deplete natural resources to use it or keep it healthy.

If you’re looking for something more exciting than traditional blinds or curtains, woven wood sliding panels are a great option!

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