Vertical Blinds – Easy from Start to Finish

You see them everywhere – from rental properties to fancy homes. That’s because vertical blinds work well on any window – big or small. Plus, they cost considerably less than other window treatments. In fact, they are easy to deal with – from start to finish!

Want proof?

To start, buying them is easy. That’s because verticals are much cheaper than other window treatments. In fact, they’re typically the cheapest window treatment you can buy!

And, you can find them all over the place. They are easy to find in home improvement stores. Or, if you don’t even want to leave the house, you can order quality verticals right online.

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Since verticals are so affordable, it is worth your while to find a manufacturer that’s top-notch. That way, you know you’re getting a solidly-constructed product that’s going to look great for years to come. Bali vertical blinds offer you just that.

And once you get your vertical blinds home, the ease continues.

That’s because, when you’re working with vertical blinds, installation is a breeze. Even if you don’t know much about carpentry or home improvement, you can install your vertical blinds yourself with a few basic tools. If you have things like a tape measure, a screwdriver, a hammer, and some nails, you can tackle a vertical blind installation.

In fact, the toughest part of the job is figuring out whether you need an inside or an outside mount. Typically, inside mounts are used for standard-sized windows, while outside mounts are used for bigger things – like sliding glass doors. Stick with this rule of thumb, and even the tough part of the job becomes easy!

Vertical BlindsSo, once you have your vertical blinds up, how do they make your life easier?

– They can slide back and forth, so they’re perfect for sliding glass doors. Most window treatments don’t give you full access to your doors, but verticals do!

– They have slats that tilt, so you can let in some light, lots of light, or no light.

– They are durable, so you can count on them to last for years and years – with minimal maintenance. In fact, a regular dusting or a wipe down with a damp cloth is all you need to keep them looking brand new.

– They are strong enough to help insulate your home. When you have your verticals closed, they can keep hot air out during the summer and cold air out during the winter.

– Because they use vertical slats, they can be used to make rooms with lower ceilings look taller.

– They come in virtually every color and a wide variety of materials.

In fact, let’s move onto color and materials. After all, you want to make sure that these blinds are going to mesh with your décor!

Vertical blinds offer a lot of options that other window treatments don’t. When you buy vertical blinds, you get to pick from:

– Vinyl vertical blinds

They may be the most traditional verticals, but these blinds have come a long way! You can choose anything from basic white to fire-engine red slats. Or, you can even get vinyl verticals that are embossed, so that they feel like higher-grade materials.

Even with all of the other window treatments out there, vinyl verticals are still the main choice for rental properties because they’re durable, affordable, and they look good.

– Wood vertical blinds

If you are looking for something a little fancier, wood vertical blinds can give it to you. In fact, they offer you a great way to match your wooden doors or wooden blinds, while still getting the versatility of verticals.

If you love the look of wood – but don’t have the budget to get wood – that’s OK. There are plenty of faux wood vertical blinds out there that look authentic – but will cost you a fraction of the price!

– Fabric vertical blinds

If you want a softer look than vinyl or wood can give you, get fabric vertical blinds. Most of the time, these blinds come with a PVC backing that’s covered in fabric. That PVC doesn’t show, but it helps to make the blinds more durable.

Because they’re made with fabric, they can give you muted, filtered lighting. But don’t think that because they’re made of fabric, that these blinds are less sturdy! In fact, fabric vertical blinds are strong enough to block out the sun, UV rays, and the outside heat just like their vinyl and wood counterparts.

So, now that you’ve picked out your verticals and gotten them installed, what happens if they break?

While verticals are durable, they are not bionic. A house full of kids, a rowdy pet, or just excessive use can lead to some wear and tear – or downright damage.

Luckily, even broken vertical blinds are easy to deal with!

If you wind up with a slat or two that get damaged, you do not have to throw away the entire window treatment and start over. Instead, you can buy vertical blinds replacement slats for just a couple of dollars apiece. All you need to know is your specific color, finish, and size, and you can get your replacement slats right online!

Or, if the problem is with one of your vertical blinds’ parts, that’s OK, too. Again, these window treatments were designed to be easy, so replacing parts isn’t tough. You can find most parts right online.

In fact, verticals come with very few parts. Most of the time, you will only have issues with the chain that opens and closes them or the rollers that enable them to slide back and forth.

No matter what stage of the process you’re in, vertical blinds really are easy – from start to finish!

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