Solar Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors – A Modern Choice that Offers Plenty of Benefits

Solar blinds are kind of like sunglasses for your sliding glass doors.  They block out the light and the UV rays – without blocking your view.  And, just like sunglasses, you can take them off whenever you need to.

How do they work?

Solar blinds are made out of high-tech solar fabrics that eliminate glare, keep heat out, and block UV rays – while still letting you see out the window.  Before solar blinds hit the window treatment scene, you had to settle for a window treatment that obstructed your view if you wanted coverage like that!

So, how do they do it?

These solar fabrics block out light because of the way they are woven together.  They are similar to a see-through mesh.

Solar blinds have 3 degrees of openness, which usually range from 5% to 25%.  A lower percentage means that the blinds block out more light, while a higher percentage means that the blinds block out less light.

As solar blinds block out light, they also help you save energy.  They are strong enough to keep heat out during the summer and keep heat from escaping your home during the winter.  They are especially effective for sliding glass doors, which let in a ton of light and heat because of their sheer size.

If you ever do want to let a bunch of sunshine in, solar blinds are easy to get out of the way.  They are lightweight and easy to manage, so it’s easy to raise them up if you want to.

And, luckily, solar blinds are as easy to install as traditional blinds.  After some quick work with a screwdriver, they are good to go!

But how will they fit into your décor?

Because solar blinds are made out of fabric, you can get them in virtually any color or any pattern.  And, you can even add on little details, like beading and stylish trim, to get a look that is perfect for you.

One of the details that you can personalize is the grips at the bottom of the blinds.

Each solar blind comes with grips at the bottom – so that you can grab onto them and raise them up, without worrying about getting them dirty.  Those grips come in a variety of colors.  Or, if you simply want them to blend in, you can get clear grips.  Or, if you want to dress them up a bit, you can install a valence over your solar blinds.

No matter what look you’re going for, solar blinds offer you the best of both worlds – the function you need and the attractiveness you want!

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