Electric Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors – Bringing Your Home into the Future

It sounds like something out of a movie, but more and more homes are turning to electric blinds to cover their sliding glass doors.  After all, we can do practically everything else with a remote control – why not use one to open and close the blinds?

It’s estimated that 5% of all blinds are motorized.  However, that number is only expected to keep climbing.


Electric blinds can bring you all kinds of benefits, including:

1.  Convenience

Imagine you’re sitting on the couch, watching the big game on TV – when, all of a sudden, the setting sun starts to cast a glare right over your TV screen.  Instead of getting up to close the blinds, all you need to do is grab your remote, hit a button, and your electric blinds will close as little or as much as you need them to.

2.  Safety

Most blinds that go over your sliding glass doors come with long cords that can be downright dangerous for your kids and pets.  But, with electric blinds, you don’t have any cords to worry about – so you don’t have to worry about anyone choking.

3.  Variety

No matter what your décor is, there is a set of electric blinds that matches it.  In fact, you can get electric blinds in a number of different styles, including:

– Wood blinds
– Faux wood blinds
– Pleated shades
– Roman window shades
– Roller shades
– Cellular shades

4.  Security

Many electric blinds come with a timer option that allows you to program them to open and close in advance.  That way, even if you’re on vacation, your blinds can open and close as the sun goes up and down.  Making it look like someone’s home even when they’re not can go a long way towards preventing break-ins.

5.  Energy efficiency

By installing electric blinds over your sliding glass doors, you’re getting a product that’s durable enough to keep hot air and cold drafts out – meaning that you won’t have to run your air conditioner or heater as much.

And, since electric blinds allow you to control how much light comes in with just the push of a button, you won’t need to use as many lamps, either.

6.  Added value

Electric blinds are a luxury, and they will be seen as such if you ever decide to sell your home.  Investing in electric blinds is an upgrade that potential homeowners will appreciate – and it will show in the increased value of your home.

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