Custom Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors – 6 Tips to Make Buying Them Easier

If you have oddly-shaped windows and sliding glass doors, getting custom blinds may be your only option.  In fact, even something like an arch or some crown molding can easily turn your sliding glass door into a space that needs custom attention.

But, if you want custom blinds for your sliding glass doors, you don’t have to spend a fortune.  In fact, by doing your homework, you can get blinds that look great – without breaking the bank.

So, how do you do it?

By following these 6 tips:

1.  Don’t just look at high-end materials

“Custom” doesn’t have to equal “expensive”.  Sure, there are plenty of custom blinds that are made out of genuine hardwood, but there are also plenty of custom blinds that are made of cheaper materials, like faux wood, bamboo, and fabric.  And, they look just as good as the expensive materials.

2.  Don’t assume that you need a designer

Even if you’re trying to carry out a specific theme or you’re looking for blinds that perform a specific function, a little bit of research can give you all of the answers you need.  And, getting those answers on your own is much cheaper than hiring a professional designer!

3.  Don’t assume you need a professional to install them

Custom blinds are no more difficult to install than traditional blinds.  No matter how big your sliding glass door is, all it takes are some brackets and a screwdriver to put them up.  As an added benefit, you can save a ton of money by turning the installation into a do-it-yourself project.

4.  Don’t settle for narrow slats

Typically, custom blinds have wider slats.  If you are going for a specific look and need custom blinds with narrow slats, that’s one thing.  But, most of the time, that higher custom price tag comes with wider slats.  If someone tries to get you to settle for narrower slats, you may not be getting your money’s worth.

5.  Don’t get cords if you don’t have to

When you get custom blinds for your sliding glass doors, you get to pick out everything – including what you use to pull them open and closed.  Wands are easier to use, and they will never tangle – meaning they will never become a choking hazard for your kids and pets.

6.  Don’t measure before you know what kind of blinds you want

Measuring for custom blinds depends on a couple of different things:

– Are you doing an inside or outside mount?  Some blinds are only meant to be one or the other.

– Do you need to account for space for “extras” like rollers or tracks?

The type of blinds you choose will affect how you measure – and the numbers you wind up with – so only measure after you have figure out what type you’re going to install.

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