How Much Do Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors Cost? It Depends!

If you’re looking for something to cover your sliding glass doors, the cost is as varied as your choices.  Depending on what you get, you may be able to spend as little as $100. Or, you may wind up spending several hundred dollars.  That’s why it’s important to get all of the facts – and choose wisely.

A standard sliding glass door is 80”x74”, so most of the prices you see will be for that size.  Just like anything else, you can expect to pay a little more if your door is bigger, or a little less if your door is smaller.  And, if you have to get custom blinds for your sliding glass doors, you’ll wind up paying far more than something right off the rack.

As you start your shopping, remember:

– Vertical blinds for sliding glass doors are usually the cheapest.  That’s why you see them in so many apartments and rental properties.  For a property owner, vertical blinds cover sliding glass doors, without turning into a major investment.  Since they’re durable, most tenants won’t damage them.  But if they do, vertical blinds are inexpensive to replace.

– For basic vinyl vertical blinds, you can get them for as little as $90 or $100 per set.  If you hit a good sale, you might be able to get them for as little as $80 per set.

– When it comes to vertical blinds, the color you choose won’t affect the cost.  There are plenty of different colors available, all at the same price.

– Electric blinds will typically cost more than anything else because they come with an electric motor.  And, you will likely have to have them professionally installed, which will also bump up the price.

– When it comes to bamboo, that eco-friendly distinction tends to come with a higher price tag.  The cost of bamboo blinds depends on the type you get.  Bamboo vertical blinds are the cheapest.  You will have to spend more for them than basic vertical blinds, but they will still be less than many other window treatment.

– Bamboo sliding panels will likely cost you $500-$700.  If you’re able to find a good deal, you might be able to get them for as little as $300.  But, if you want a privacy or blackout liner to go with them, it will probably cost you a few extra hundred dollars.

– Solar blinds are usually priced at $3-$5 per square foot.  For a standard-sized sliding glass door, solar blinds will probably cost $200 or less.  However, if you need to have them professionally installed, it can bump up the price by as much as $100.

– Roller blinds typically cost anywhere from $200-$400.  However, if you want roller blinds that block out maximum sunlight, you can expect to pay more.

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