Bamboo Blinds – A Valuable Addition to Your Sliding Glass Doors

If you’re looking for a “green” way to give yourself some privacy, add sophistication to a room, and block out light, installing bamboo blinds over your sliding glass doors is a great way to do it.

Bamboo has become an increasingly popular way to cover windows.  In fact, bamboo is used to make a variety of window coverings – like bamboo vertical blinds, bamboo shades, and bamboo curtains.  The shades and curtains have bamboo stems that are mounted horizontally, while the vertical blinds have bamboo stems that are mounted vertically.

But, why should you use bamboo to cover up your sliding glass doors?

There are 4 great reasons:

1.  Bamboo is eco-friendly

This is one of the biggest reasons why people turn to bamboo.  Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on the planet.  In fact, a bamboo plant can mature in 3-5 years, while it can take hardwood trees at least 50 years to mature!  Since bamboo grows so quickly, you’re not depleting the earth of any resources by turning it into blinds.

And, as an added benefit, bamboo grows without pesticides – meaning that it doesn’t cause any harsh chemicals to be released into the air.

2.  Bamboo offers the same benefits as hardwood

Bamboo blinds are just as durable as blinds that are made out of wood.  And, they come in as many different colors as wood blinds do.  In fact, bamboo blinds usually look like they’re made out of wood, even though they’re really constructed out of grass.  Bamboo blinds add just as much sophistication to a room as wood blinds do.

3.  Bamboo has benefits that hardwood doesn’t

Bamboo can handle a lot of humidity, so it can be used in areas where genuine hardwood cannot – like in your bathroom or in your kitchen.

And, bamboo blinds are much lighter than their hardwood counterparts.  They are much easier to rise or slide out of the way than wood blinds.

Bamboo blinds can also roll up and fold – something that hardwood can’t.

Plus, bamboo can even be used to make curtains that hang on a rod and pull back, just like traditional curtains.  That’s something you just can’t do with hardwood!

4.  Bamboo allows some natural light to come in

Because of the way the stems are mounted, bamboo blinds will allow some natural light to seep through them.  That way, you can get some light – without getting too much.

However, if you want complete darkness, bamboo blinds can offer that, too.  All you have to do is install a liner to totally blackout all natural light.

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