Bamboo Blinds – Great for You and for Mother Nature!

If you’re trying to find the perfect window treatment, you can’t go wrong with bamboo blinds. Not only do they look great, but they’re also great for the planet, too.

But before you can understand how great bamboo blinds are, you have to understand what they are.

So, how exactly are bamboo blinds made?

Typically, they are created from bamboo stems that are mounted horizontally. Since they are not completely solid, they will allow some light in. However, the stems are mounted close enough together to give you total privacy. With bamboo blinds, you get to filter out much of the sunlight.

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So, what exactly can they do for you?

Bamboo blinds come with all sorts of benefits, like:

– They make it easy to “go green”

Contrary to popular belief, bamboo is a grass – not a hardwood. In fact, it is one of the fastest-growing plants on earth. So, when you use bamboo to make blinds or even floors, you don’t have to worry about depleting the forests like you do with traditional hardwood. That’s because bamboo plants can be harvested in 3-5 years, while hardwood trees can take as long as 70 or 80 years to grow back!

– They can insulate your home

Even though they aren’t totally solid, bamboo blinds are strong enough to keep hot air out during the summer and cold air out during the winter. That way, you can use less energy and save yourself a bunch of money!

Not only will it lighten up the load on your wallet, but you won’t have to burn up a bunch of electricity to keep your home at the right temperature – which is something Mother Nature will thank you for!

Bamboo blinds– They are durable

When used correctly, bamboo can be just as strong as hardwood. In fact, bamboo can even hold its own against things that hardwood can’t – like water and humidity.

– They are stylish

Bamboo can look just like hardwood, wicker, or rattan. Depending on the color you get, you can incorporate bamboo blinds into any décor.

– They are exotic

Bamboo started off as an Asian art tool. Now, it’s a common design tool that’s used all over the world. However, it still offers a very exotic look.

– They are considered lucky

In Chinese, the words “bamboo” and “prayer” are very similar – so similar, in fact, that some people believe that bamboo is lucky. According to some people, bamboo blinds can make your prayers more powerful.

– They are easy to install

If you have the basic tools and knowledge to put up a set of mini blinds or install a set of curtains, you can handle bamboo blinds.

So, what kind of styles can you get?

One of the great things about bamboo blinds is that they’re versatile. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and design schemes. Look around, and you will see:

– Bamboo curtains

Perfect for sliding glass doors, big windows, or even in place of a traditional closet door, bamboo curtains are easy to walk right through. Most of the time, they are made out of bamboo “beads”, which are actually small pieces of bamboo strung together with wire. These curtains can either have a natural finish or be hand-painted.

– Bamboo roman shades

Just like traditional roman shades, the bamboo variety look smooth when they’re lowered, then stack up into panels when you raise them.

– Bamboo vertical blinds

Similar to the plastic and vinyl vertical blinds that you see all over the place, bamboo vertical blinds offer a little more elegance.

– Bamboo roll up blinds

If you love the idea of roll up blinds – but can’t find a fabric you like – opt for bamboo, instead. That way, even when they’re rolled down, these bamboo blinds will still let in a little bit of light.

– Outdoor bamboo blinds

Because bamboo is so durable, it can go either inside or out. And, since bamboo is a plant, it can certainly hold its own against the world outdoors! By using bamboo blinds on your patio, you can keep bright sunlight out of your face – while also accentuating the natural feel of the area.

So, what kind of prices on bamboo blinds can you expect to find?

It depends!

The biggest factor in the price of bamboo blinds is size. Just like any other window treatment, the bigger your window or door is, the more you can expect to pay to cover it.

Luckily, though, bamboo blinds do not necessarily have to become a major expense. In fact, you can pay as little as $20 or $25 to cover a standard-sized window with them!

And, if you want to save some money, buy your bamboo blinds ready-to-hang from either a home improvement or a home furnishing store. Most places will have a variety of cheap bamboo blinds to choose from – that will still look great. After all, when you start opting for custom features and sizes, the price is going to go up considerably!

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