Need to Cover Your Sliding Glass Doors? 4 Options Besides Vertical Blinds

When it comes to finding the right window treatment for your sliding glass doors, it can be a bit of a challenge.  You need something that will keep the light out, that will give you some privacy – but will also be durable enough to handle a bunch of traffic going in and out.

Vertical blinds are the traditional choice for covering sliding glass doors because they are easy to slide open, durable enough to keep sunshine out, and cheap enough to go on any door.

But vertical blinds certainly aren’t the only option for your sliding glass doors.  If vertical blinds just don’t appeal to you, there are 4 other window treatments for sliding glass doors options that work well:

1.  Sliding panel shades

Built to glide along an aluminum track, sliding panel shades are easy to slide back and forth, so that you can walk in and out of your door whenever you need to.

With sliding panel shades, you have a couple of options to choose from.  You can opt for one large panel that is as wide as your door, or you can get a couple of smaller panels to cover the door.  Both options are equally easy to use, so it all depends on which style appeals to you.  And, just like vertical blinds, sliding panel shades come in a rainbow of colors, so they can fit into any décor.

2.  Traditional curtains

Lots of people opt for traditional curtains because they are thick enough to keep cool drafts and hot air from seeping in through the door.  Since sliding glass doors are so big, they can let in lots of warm air on a hot day, or lots of cold air on a cool day.

With a durable rod, you can simply slide the curtains out of the way anytime you need to use the door.  Or, you can get tiebacks or hold-backs to keep your curtains out of the way when you have lots of people going in and out.

3.  Traditional shades

Made of a similar material to sliding panel shades, traditional shades are held in place by brackets that are screwed in above your door.  When you need to go outside, you just raise the shade up.

Traditional shades are built to go over sliding glass doors, so they are lightweight and easy to raise up – unlike horizontal blinds, that can be cumbersome to use with a sliding glass door.

4.  Glass film

If you simply want privacy without a massive window treatment, glass film can give it to you.  It’s a film that’s applied right to your sliding glass door.  You can get film that will make your glass look frosted, stained, or etched.


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