Faux Wood Blinds – Giving Your Home Cost-Effective Sophistication!

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How busy is your life?

Do you have time to sit and “baby” your real wood blinds?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have something that looks as good as real wood – without all of the hassles?

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Faux wood blinds are the answer!

Traditional hardwood blinds are a major investment.  Depending on the size of your windows, you can spend hundreds of dollars covering each one!

Who has that kind of money?

But, if you love the look of genuine hardwood – but don’t have a never-ending budget – faux wood blinds are the perfect solution!

Just what makes these blinds “faux”?

Many sets actually do have a little bit of real wood particles in them.  However, the main ingredients in these blinds are PVC, vinyl, or a combination of the two.  Because the real wood is only a minor ingredient, manufacturers can sell faux wood blinds for a fraction of the cost of real wood blinds.

The blinds that are made from 100% PVC are typically the cheapest faux wood blinds.  Once you start adding in other ingredients, the price goes up slightly.  However, even the most expensive faux wood blinds can’t compare to the price of real wood!

Faux wood blindsBut, that doesn’t mean that your faux wood blinds have to look “faux”.  In fact, once they are hanging, most people can’t tell the difference between real wood blinds and faux wood!

How is that possible?

With faux wood, you get all of the same color options.  So, whether your décor needs a sandy beige set of blinds, dark cherry set of blinds, or something in between, there is a faux solution for you.

And, the blinds manufacturers have started going out of their way to do “little things” to make their faux wood look more real – like specially embossing each slat so that it looks like it has real wood grain.  With details like that, you simply don’t need real wood anymore!

So what other benefits do faux wood blinds provide?

Faux wood is actually a lot more durable than its genuine wood cousin.  These blinds can stand tall, no matter what you throw at them.  Whether you have a house full of kids or a house full of pets, faux wood can handle it.

And, faux wood isn’t sensitive to moisture, meaning it can go in rooms where real wood blinds can’t – like your bathroom, kitchen, or basement.  Unlike real wood, faux wood won’t buckle or warp when it’s confronted with moisture.

That resistance to moisture also makes faux wood blinds easier to clean.

With real wood, you have to be extremely careful when you’re cleaning them; the slightest mistake or the wrong cleaning solution can permanently damage it.  But with faux wood blinds, a thorough dusting on a regular basis is good enough to keep each slat clean.  If your blinds get too dirty for dusting, it’s perfectly safe to wipe them down with a damp cloth… you would never be able to do that with real wood blinds!

As an added benefit, you will never struggle to raise or lower a set of faux wood blinds.  Because they are not solid wood, these blinds are actually much lighter.  The odds of them being too heavy and crashing down on you are low.  Whether you need them up or down, these blinds are light and easy to maneuver.

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So, where can faux wood blinds go?


These blinds combine durability and attractiveness to create a window treatment that works in any room, with any décor.  They will look great on a small window in your kid’s room.  And, they will look just as great hanging on the big picture window in your living room.

In fact, faux wood blinds even look good on sliding glass doors!

For doors that don’t get a whole lot of use, traditional horizontal faux wood blinds look great.  But, if you are constantly heading in and out through your sliding glass doors, you can still take advantage of the faux wood phenomenon.  Virtually all of the top blinds manufacturers make faux wood vertical blinds – so that you can have the beauty of faux wood, in a set that easily slides back and forth.

But that’s not all that faux wood blinds can do for you.

Want to know how they can save you even more money?

They can actually make your home more energy efficient!

These blinds are strong enough to keep hot air and cold drafts at bay.  Even the best insulated windows and doors are a weak point in your home.  A scorching summer day, a frigid snowstorm, or blazing sunshine can all make their way through your windows and doors – and affect the temperature inside your home.

But when you have faux wood blinds hanging on your windows and doors, you don’t have to worry about the outside elements making their way inside.  In fact, these blinds can have a dramatic effect on your utility bills.

So, not only do they save you money when you buy them, but they also save you money when you hang them!

With benefits like these, it’s easy to see why faux wood blinds have become so popular over the years.  They save you money, and they look great… They really do offer cost-effective sophistication!

While great deals can be found online, here are some local stores where you can find wood faux blinds:  Home Depot, Lowes, JC Penney and Bed Bath and Beyond.